‘Working in Portugal’ program for immigrants unveiled

14 Apr 2022

The Portuguese government has unveiled one of its main priorities over the next four years will be regulated and integrated immigration.

In a statement this week, the European Commission said the government will also concentrate on immigrants’ legal entry into the country to find work.

The so-called Working in Portugal program will facilitate testing and include a “one-stop-shop for professional mobility.”

The statement adds: “The programme supports people securing legal entry to and staying in the country and finding employment.”

In addition, the government is planning to expand the democratic participation of foreigners in the country, as well as municipal elections concerning foreign nationals in its territories, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

Furthermore, Portugal’s government is aiming to bolster integration programs with the “active participation of local institutions and authorities.” To achieve this, grants will be required with European funding support and a budget program to support the inclusion of refugees. Countries that have endured “migratory shocks” due to sudden population growth or loss will benefit from a Demographic Emergency instrument.

In September last year, Portugal’s Economy Minister said the country needed more migrant workers to resolve the labour shortage.

Earlier, in July, there was a large number of people in employment, whilst simultaneously many jobs were created that required more staff.

A European Commission statement in September by the Economy Minister also highlighted the need to resolve issues surrounding the integration, housing, training, permanent residence of migrant workers, as well as the education of migrant children.

Moreover, the Portuguese government was also seeking funding for the construction of housing, allowing municipalities to contribute to housing support via Portugal’s recovery and resilience plan.